Marinated deep fried seasonal vegetables

The Home Cooking version

   Sumi Saikawa

"The essence of Shojin ryori (temple cooking) to your table."


Lighly deep fry okra, mioga ginger and eggplant in summer, and sweet potato and seasonal vegetables in winter and marinate in the sauce.

20 mins
Cooking time:
** mins


*Australian 1cup=250ml, 1Tbsp=20ml, 1 tsp=5ml


1:Capsicum (red, yellow and green) … 2 each

2:Green beans … 10

3:Pumpkin … 100g

4:Fried onion … 2 Tbsp

5:Slightly strong kombu stock with soy sauce *can be used commercially available concentrated dashi sauce
* Other vegetable suitable for this dish include okra, carrot, eggplant, mioga ginger, sweet potato and zucchini.


01 Remove the stem off from capsicum and cut lengthwise into 3 pieces.Remove the stem of green beans and halve in length. Cut pumpkin into 1 cm slices with skin on.Vegetables are better to be cut into a little chunky pieces.

02Wipe well to remove excess moisture and deep fry all. Vegetables fried too long may not keep their shapes or lose texture, so it is important to lightly deep fry.

03Remove excess oil on a rack and soak them in slightly strong dashi sauce while they are still hot. * It is better to take vegetables out of the sauce after a while to prevent them being too salty. If fried onion is available, sprinkle it on the vegetables and mix lightly. * Fried onion absorbs excess oil from vegetables.



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