Shojin-age (Vegetable tempura)

Temple cuisine

   Sumi Saikawa

"The essence of Shojin ryori (temple cooking) to your table."


Shojin age is seasonal vegetable tempura. Usually served without tempura sauce, so salt is added in the batter.

20 mins
Cooking time:
30 mins

*Australian 1cup=250ml, 1Tbsp=20ml, 1 tsp=5ml


Carrot … Medium 1/4

Sweet potato … Medium 1/4

Shiitake mushroom … 4

Shiitake mushroom

Lotus root … Medium 1/4

Eggplant … 1Eggplant … 1

* Other ingredients idea is seasonal vegetables such as flower buds of mountain vegetable, mioga ginger, burdock, goya (bitter melon), zucchini and okra.

Batter … Plain flour 1/2 cup, cold water 1/2 cup, salt

Oil for frying … adequate amount


01 Slice sweet potato into 5 mm thickness and soak in water. Remove the stem from Shiitake mushrooms. Clean the stem of okra, and if it is big, halve lengthwise. Mix matcha and salt. Set aside.


02 Pour oil in a pot and heat to about 170 ℃. Place about 1/4 of the flour (1/8 cup) and a pinch of salt. Pour 1/4 of cold water (1/8 cup), stir the mixture in a circular motion 3 to 4 times (maximum) with chopsticks. Make sure not to mix too much. It should be still floury. When the batter becomes thick (less powdery) as coating vegetables, add more flour, a pinch of salt and cold water.

03 Put some batter in the heated oil to check the temperature. If batter sink and raise immediately, it is the right temperature (170℃). Thinly coat vegetables and deep fry. When the batter is slightly coloured and crispy, remove from the oil. The temperature drops if too much vegetable is placed in the oil at the same time, so make sure to fry them in small batches.  Place fried tempura on a rack and drain oil well.



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